We are a collection of World Record Holders, Olympians, and Elite Coaches looking to encourage and inspire future generations of athletes to reach their full potential athletically and educationally so they can become our leaders of tomorrow.

What We Do

Elite Training for young athletes 12-18 years old at all ability levels.

World Record Camps are designed by proven winners for dedicated young athletes.  Our fun and interactive camps are organized in conjunction with local contacts around the U.S. and International locations to bring our expertise to the athletes.  We spend two full days educating and training all participants about our core values and the necessary skills, drills, and techniques they need to become successful.  

Ultimately, our Goal is to unlock each person’s full potential and improve their performance so they can compete at the highest level and have fun doing it!

Our Purpose

Encourage and inspire young athletes to believe and achieve their full potential.

Our passion is real and our purpose is straightforward: we want to take our winning expertise and invest our knowledge and experience into every young athlete who attends a Word Record Camp.  We believe that we owe it to this generation to give them the top notch training they deserve to achieve their full potential and carry on the excitement of the sport.


We offer multi-day camps where participants get to learn new skills, drills, and innovative techniques to improve their performance from world class athletes and coaches.

Athletes receive one-on-one and group coaching that will catapult their performance to the next level, while building lifelong friendships and gaining new leadership skills

World Record Camps provide not only world class individual event training, we set aside plenty of time for fun and interactive games, photo and autograph opportunities with the coaches, and serious question and answer time to ensure all athletes go away with new life lessons.  So make sure you bring a pen, paper, and lots of questions! Our coaches are excited to work with you!








Group of 3 or More Athletes





With Registered Athletes