Meet some of our Olympians, World Record Holders and Elite Coaches who Volunteer to encourage, equip, and elevate our youth to the next level in their performance athletically and educationally!

Willie Banks Pic 1.png

Willie Banks,        Triple Jump

Personal Record
17.97m (58 feet 11.5 inches)

World Record Holder (1985 - 1995)
Olympic Athlete (1980, 1984, 1988)
1x Silver Medalist (1983 World Championships)

The former World Record holder in the triple jump. Willie Banks held the record for over 10 years, and was inducted into the USA National Track and Field Hall of Fame in 1999. He currently coaches at a local high school in California and often travels around the world teaching triple jump clinics. 


Ken Flax,         Hammer Throw

Personal Record
80.02m (262 feet 6.38 inches)

2x Competed in the Olympic Games (1988, 1992)


jeff hartwig pv.jpg

Jeff Hartwig,          Pole Vault

Hollis Conway, High Jump

Personal Record
2.38m (7 feet 10 inches)

1x Silver Medalist (1988 Olympics)      1x Bronze Medalist (1992 Olympics)

Hollis Conway was the top ranked high jumper in the U.S. seven straight years from 1988-1994 and in the world for two of those years 1990-1991. 


Giovanni Lanaro,   Pole Vault

Personal Record
5.82m (19 feet 1 inches)

Mexican Record Holder (2007 - Today)
2x Competed in the Olympic Games (2004, 2008)

Giovanni Lanaro is the Mexican Record Holder in the pole vault. He currently coaches at Mt. San Antonio College. 


William Rinear, Pole Vault

William Rinear has worked extensively with beginning pole vaulters. He coaches the beginner's group at the Mt. San Antonio Camp.


j stevens 2.jpg

Jeneva Stevens, Throws

Dwight Stones, High Jump

Personal Record
2.34m (7 feet 8 inches)

2x Bronze Medalist (1972, 1976 Olympic Games)

Dwight Stones is a former three time World Record Holder in the High Jump, he has won 19 National Championships, and in 1984, Stones was the first athlete to compete in and serve as an announcer for the Olympic Games at the same time. 

Ian Waltz website Pic.png

Ian Waltz, Discus

Personal Record
68.91m (226 feet 1 inch)

2x Competed in the Olympic Games
1x Bronze Medalist (2006 World Cup)

Tonie Campbell, Hurdles

Personal Record
13.17s (110 Hurdles)

1x Bronze Medalist (1988 Olympic Games)
1x Gold Medalist (1987 Indoor World Championships)

Tonie Campbell is an Olympic and World Champion hurdler. He won the gold medal in the 1987 Indoor World Championships for the 60m Hurdles.


Dick Fosbury, High Jump

Personal Record
2.24m (7 feet 4.2 inches)

Invented the Fosbury Flop
1x Gold Medalist (1968 Olympic Games)

Dick Fosbury is the creator of the now legendary Fosbury Flop technique. It is used by all high jumpers of note. Dick currently travels the world coaching and teaching the technique he perfected.



Maurice Greene,       Sprints

Personal Record
9.79s - 100m
19.86s - 200m

2x Gold Medalist (2000 Olympics)
1x Silver Medalist (2004 Olympics) 1x Bronze Medalist (2004 Olympics)   5x World Champion

Maurice Greene dominated the 100m and 200m races.  Greene also earned the Gold Medal in the World indoor Championships and set the 60m indoor record twice  Presently his 60m indoor record stands at 6.39s.  He remains the only athlete to hold the 100m and 60m at the same time.  He also won two gold medals (one 100m and one 4x100m relay) in the Goodwill Games held in New York City in 1998. 

carl lewis.jpg

Carl Lewis, Long Jump & Sprints

Personal Record
8.87m (29 feet 1 inch) - Long Jump
9.86s - 100m
19.75s - 200m

Indoor Long Jump World Record Holder (1984 - Today)
9x Gold Medalist (Olympic Games)
8x Gold Medalist (World Championships)

Carl Lewis dominated the long jump and sprints during the height of his career from 1980 to 1996. He won 10 Olympic medals, 10 World Championship medals, and set World Records in the Long Jump, 100m, 4 x 100m and 4 x 200m relays.

Daichi sawano.jpg

Daichi Sawano, Pole Vault

Personal Record
5.83m (19 feet 1.5 inches)

Japanese Record Holder (2005 - Today)
6x Competed in the World Championships
3x Gold Medalist (Outdoor Asian Championships)
2x Gold Medalist (Indoor Asian Championships)

Daichi Sawano is one of the leading mens' pole vaulters from Japan. He is still actively competing and offers a unique perspective on pole vaulting at the camps.

Dai Tamesue, 400m Hurdles

Personal Record

2x Bronze Medalist (2001, 2005 World Championships)
1x Bronze Medalist (2002 Asian Games)


Mac Wilkins, Discus & Shot Put

Personal Record
71.86m (232 feet 5.75 inch) - Discus
21.06m (69 feet 1.5 inch) - Shot Put

Former Discus World Record Holder (1976 - 1978)
2x Competed in the Olympic Games
1x Gold Medalist (1976 Olympic Games)
1x Silver Medalist (1984 Olympic Games)
1x Gold Medalist (1979 Pan American Games)

Mac Wilkins is the former Discus World Record Holder. He broke the world record a total of four times. He ranked as the number one Discus thrower in the world from 1976 to 1980.

Mac currently is the USATF Throws Coach at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.


Stacy Dragila,        Pole Vault

Personal Record
4.83m (15 feet 10.15 inches)

World Record Holder (1999 - 2003)
1x Gold Medalist (2000 Olympic Games)
2x Gold Medalist (1999, 2001 World Championships)
1x Gold Medalist (1997 Indoor World Championships)
1x Silver Medalist (2004 Indoor World Championships) 

Stacy Dragila is the first woman to win an Olympic Gold Medal in the pole vault. She currently coaches in Idaho.


Jacqueline Hansen, Marathon

1x Gold Medalist (1973 Boston Marathon)
1x Gold Medalist (1975 Honolulu Marathon)
1x Gold Medalist (1976 Avenue of the Giants Marathon)
3x Gold Medalist (1972, 1974, 1977 Western Hemisphere Marathon)
3x Gold Medalist (1979, 1981, 1982 Catalina Marathon)



Tetsuo Hirota, Pole Vault

Former Japanese Record Holder
Japanese National Pole Vault Coach
Coach of the Japanese Woman's Record Holder (Ikuko Nishikori)

mike powell lj.jpg

Mike Powell, Long Jump

Personal Record
8.95m (29 feet 4.25 inches)

World Record Holder (1991 - Today)
3x Gold Medalist (1991, 1993, 1995 World Championships)
2x Silver Medalist (1988, 1992 Olympic Games)
1x Bronze Medalist (1995 World Championships)

Mike Powell is the current World Record holder in the long jump. He has held the record for over 24 years. Mike currently coaches at the Academy of Speed in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Gregg Simmons picture 1.jpeg

Gregg Simmons, Sprints

Gregg Simmons is a notable coach in Track and Field. He specializes in speed and performance for Elite, Pro, Collegiate, and Youth athletes.

Over the past 25 years Coach Simmons has produced champions at the high school, collegiate, and elite levels. He has also trained elite sprinters who have participated in the U.S. Olympic Trials. When interviewed by the San Diego Union Tribune, Coach Simmons stated "He can make anyone faster" and the success of his athletes prove he's true to his word.


Brian Yokoyama, Pole Vault

Men's and Women's National Pole Vault Chairperson
Coached Giovanni Lanaro

Brian Yokoyama has coached many elite pole vaulters over the years. Including Giovanni Lanaro (19'01), Daichi Sawano (19'01.5), Tim Mack (19'08.5), and Jason Hinkin (18'08.25) among many others. He currently coaches the pole vault at Mt. San Antonio College.

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