How To Prepare For National Signing Day

National Signing Day is the biggest day of the year for potential college athletes.  Every year, thousands of high school students all over the country sign a letter of intent with their dream college program.  National Signing Day can be both the most exciting day of your entire life and the most stressful.  So here are some tips to help you prepare for this big moment.

Know When It’s Coming

National Signing Day varies depending on the sport.  For football, track, soccer, and field hockey, National Signing Day usually falls on the first Wednesday of every year.  For basketball and all other sports, National Signing Day is on April 16th.  So depending on your sport, you may have more or less time to prepare than other athletes.  

Plan To Attend The Event

By the time, National Signing Day arrives, you will have a pretty clear idea of what school you are going to sign with.  You’ll have met with the coaches, gone over possible offers, and may even have submitted your college applications already.  So make sure you know when and where the signing event is going to happen and make arrangements to attend the event in person if possible.

Prepare For The Event

Schools with larger programs will have huge celebratory events with alumni, other athletes, and even the press.  While smaller schools often skip the fanfare and host a small signing event.  So do a little research before you attend the event and find out what the school typically does.  That way, after your name is called, you’ll be ready to meet your future teammates, give a thank you speech, and even prepare to give an interview with a local paper if required.

Invite Your Family And Friends

Getting signed to a great program is a major accomplishment and not only will you want to share this great moment with all your family and friends, it’s a huge deal for them too.  From your parents driving you to and from practice all these years to your friends cheering you along from the sidelines, this is a victory for all of you and you should definitely enjoy this moment together.

National Signing Day is a big deal.  You’ve been preparing for this moment your entire life and you deserve to enjoy this huge moment.  So make sure you take a few steps to so you are prepared, that way when the big day is finally here you can kick back and celebrate.  You’ve earned it!