Tips For High School Athletes To Remain Motivated During The Holidays

Have A Support Group In Place

It is easy to become lazy during the holidays, when you are in high school. Candy and other junk foods are made readily available at Halloween, and then turkey, and all the fixings, are available at Thanksgiving. Once Christmas roles around, cookies, cakes, and ham are a plenty. High school athletes need to remain disciplined, to gain the most out of their high school sports experience. 

Keep a work out schedule with friends, teammates, or family members. It is much easier to stay motivated, when a support group is in place. Teammates are the perfect companions, for working out, because both of you have the same goals in mind. Each of you will be able to keep the other motivated.  It will be easier to get back into the swing of things, once practices resume.

Keep Your Eyes On The Bigger Picture

Allowing your mind to wander, is not always a bad thing. If high school athletes are going to be successful, they need to envision themselves being successful. What is the ultimate goal of an athlete? They want to win. By incorporating “alone” time into the holiday season, student athletes will be able to accomplish a number of different tasks. Even if it is only for twenty minutes a day, on something such as…

  • Playbooks
  • Film study
  • Envisioning holding a championship trophy at the end of the season
  • Reading
  • Anything that keeps the mind fresh, and absorbing information

Mental awareness, and health, is just as important to a high school athlete, as physical health. Keeping the mind alert, on-point, and constantly thinking about the bigger picture, will ensure the athlete stays sharp. A strong mind allows one to flourish physically.

Keep A Schedule

Establishing a routine is a key ingredient to staying motivated during the holidays. A schedule will ensure that all requirements, that have been set by the student athlete, are met. Seeing something in writing, and being able to check it off, gives one a certain sense of satisfaction. This motivation technique is easy to incorporate, and it allows goals to be set, and accomplished.

Time can be a student athlete's friend, or a mortal enemy. Procrastination can lead to goals not being accomplished. By having a daily routine in place, the student athlete will have more time for themselves, as well as for family and friends. All of their daily goals will be met over the holidays, and lack of motivation will become a thing of the past.