Adding Other Activities To Improve Track And Field Performance

Today’s track and field athletes are among the most physically fit athletes on the planet. After all, those competing in track and field will need to run faster, jump further, and perform harder than those in many other sports.

And while focusing on your training is important, many don’t fully focus on all of the additional activities that can boost your performance. Here are some of the different activities worth thinking about adding to your day if you want to get boosts to your track and field performance. 

•    Dance – Dancing helps improve muscular control, coordination, and also helps improve muscle flexibility. 

•    Yoga – Yoga can help you stretch, build core strength, and also provides a way to gain better control over your mind and emotions, which can lead to better performance. 

•    Weight Training – Building core strength, muscle strength, and more can all help you get better speed and more power. 

•    Ballet – Ballet can help strengthen your core, improve coordination, and improve flexibility in the process. 

•    Tag – Yes, tag. It’s not only a fun way to get in some cardio, but also helps increase reflexes, turning speed, and burst strength. 

•    R&R – Believe it or not, giving yourself a little downtime is important as well. Whether you’re soaking in a tub, watching TV, or playing a video game, that downtime lets your mind decompress and also gives your muscles time to heal up. It’s vital to give yourself some time here and there for better performance. 

So which ones are right for you? It really just depends on what holds the most interest and appeal to you. As long as you focus on finding some additional activities to add to your day that will impact your fitness and your track and field performance, the specifics of which ones you add are up to you.

And the list above is far from complete. There are plenty of different options out there that you can add to help out your situation. Don’t overlook them and what they can offer.