Innovative Techniques To Improve Running

Breathing Is Of The Utmost Importance

Running can be hard for individuals in Fort Worth, Texas. Temperatures can soar into triple digits, and if you think that is bad, just blink. It is often said that if you do not like the weather in Texas, simply blink, and it is likely to change. Humidity is also a contributing factor to running in Fort Worth. Innovative techniques can help take some of the burden off of your lungs, and they can help you become the runner that you have always wanted to be.

Runners often think about physical aspects when it comes to training, but breathing is equally important. Deep breathing exercises can help to improve stamina, as well as feed much needed oxygen to the rest of your muscles. Types of breathers include “chest breathers”, and “belly breathers”. Deep breaths should be taken from the abdomen. This allows more of the air sacs, within the lungs to take in more oxygen, which can then be spread out throughout your body. 

After a workout session, place your hand on your stomach. As you take in breaths, your stomach should fill up like a balloon. Deep breathing exercises can be done anytime, and anywhere, so it is important to practice. Simply visualize yourself breathing in fully, allow the air to fill completely in your lungs, and then exhale. Once this technique has been incorporated into your lifestyle, you will notice start noticing improvements in your running.

A Runner's Form Is Equally As Important

Yoga is an excellent way of improving a runner's form. Without proper form, muscles that should not have to work as hard while running, are overcompensating for muscles that are not properly being used. This innovative form of training is used by many of the top athletes, throughout all sporting industries. Some teen boys may feel as if they are too “macho” for Yoga, but becoming a better runner change their opinion.

Learning Yoga can be a fun and exciting adventure. There are apps available on phones, computers, and video game systems, so learning can be done conveniently, from almost anywhere. One simple innovative technique is shoulder shrugs.

Tension in the shoulders, neck, and upper body uses up energy. Shoulder shrugs can help to reduce that tension, while the energy is redirected to other muscles for use while running. Simply raise your shoulders up towards your ears, while inhaling, then let them down while exhaling. Concentrating on your deep breathing exercise, while doing the shoulder shrugs, will knock out two birds with one stone. Tension, and stress will begin to disappear, and noticeable improvements will become evident when running.