Ways To Improve Running Stamina In Student Athletes

Faster Is Not Always Better

Technique is one aspect of running that often gets overlooked by student athletes. There are so many distractions in their everyday lives that technique is the last thing on their mind. Often, student athletes can be seen racing each other to see who is the fastest. Although speed is important, proper techniques can improve one’s stamina, reduce risks of injuries, and allow for a better all around experience.

Stamina is one of the most important things that a student athlete can improve upon. Regardless of what type of sport students are playing, stamina is of the utmost importance. Nobody wants to be the football player that runs out of gas on the final play of the game. Track & Field is another area that relies heavily on stamina.

Choose Activities That Are Enjoyable

Student athletes should choose activities that they will enjoy doing. This will help them to actually complete the activity at hand. Not everyone enjoys the same type of physical activities. For example, some athletes may enjoy riding a bicycle, while others enjoy jumping rope. Swimming is another activity that will improve one’s stamina, and it provides enjoyable exercise as well.

Progression running can improve stamina, mental strength, and speed overtime. Basically, you start off at a slower pace, and gradually increase speed until the end of the run. How far a student athlete goes, or how fast, depends entirely on the sport in which they are competing. It is human nature for us to want to be in the lead, but often runners put the pedal to the metal too quickly. Progression runs can ensure that student athletes have the endurance, and stamina needed, when it matters most.

Running hills, or another exercise that is equivalent, such as bleachers, will help to keep a student athlete running strong. An athlete can run up the hill, or bleachers, and then walk back down. The workout will be intense, but athletes will notice a change in their ability to run for a longer period of time, in no time at all. The much anticipated reward will be well worth the wait. A student athlete needs stamina to stay on top of their game, and the time to start training is now.