World Records Are Meant To Be Broken

Notable World Records

  • Usain Bolt broke the record for the 200 m in 2009. He holds the world record at 19.19 seconds, which in case you were wondering, is extremely fast.
  • Michael Phelps took the record in the 200 m butterfly event in Rome. He currently holds the record at 1:51.51.
  • In 1988, Florence Griffith Joyner broke the 200 m women’s world record. She clocked in at an amazing 21.34 seconds.

Determination And Hard Work

Through hard work, dedication, and determination, these world class athletes were able to go above and beyond. However, the people that held the records before them, also had these traits. Humans have a competitive spirit within them, and that spirit allows us to keep striving to do better. If Phelps had done just enough to win, he likely would not hold the record. If Bolt had done the bare minimum, he likely still would have won a gold medal, but his record would cease to exist. Joyner could have slacked off, but then her record, from 1988, would not be what it is today.

Student athletes need to know the importance of these two aspects. “Hard work never hurt anyone”, is the old saying, and it is true. Hard work and dedication help to build character, which is something that is often taken for granted in modern society. Determination is a trait that can help students in all areas of life. Having goals, and accomplishing those goals, are important pieces of the puzzle called life. In striving to do better, and be better, student athletes can accomplish anything.

That includes breaking the above mentioned world records. These records are meant to be broken. They give athletes something to aim for, and provide a goal, that can be broken. Athletes have to believe that they can accomplish any task, even those that seem unattainable.