World Record Olympian Inspires State Champ

From the moment Sydnee Larkin started her track career, she knew she wanted to be an Olympian.

"Being in the Olympics has been a big dream for me since like I first started track in like third grade," Sydnee Larkin said.

Willie Banks, the triple jump world record holder, is among the coaching staff at camp. When Larkin found out he'd be there, she wanted to attend immediately.

"He was an Olympian, he knows what he's doing, he knows what he's talking about so it'd just be great to train with him."

"One of the things about coaching is when athletes have success, cuz then you know you're doing right thing," Willie Banks said.

"It's really good, he's teaching me stuff I never knew, so hopefully when I put it all together I'll jump further and be a better athlete."

His coaching starts with the basics, including proper technique.

"This is all science out here, if you're running with proper technique, the length of your step is not going to alter, so if you have a mark 8 strides out, that's never gonna change so if you hit that mark you're gonna hit the board every single time."

Which is a lesson that Sydnee took from the camp.

"Definitely like learning my steps, like learning that I need to be full speed at 54 feet so know that I know that, it will be really helpful for me."

Training side by side with Banks has inspired Sydney to keep working towards her goal, of one day, being an Olympian.

"Pushes me and lets me know that I can just do it and be better and that I can do anything like all dreams come true if you just push towards them."