Five Creative Classes To Add To Your Training Routine

Everyone’s heard about NFL players taking ballet to improve their skills on the field.  Though these two activities could not be different, professional football players have really benefitted from the stretching and core strengthening routines of ballet practice.  Supplementing your routine with some unique physical activities like ballet can help you target and strengthen your weakest areas.  Here are five great creative classes to consider taking as part of your training routine:     

1. Ballet Class

Ballet is the classic creative class to take to improve athletic performance.  Ballet teaches discipline, build core strength, and improve flexibility.  Famous NFL players like Herschel Walker, Lynn Swann, and Steve McLendon have all used ballet classes to improve their performance on the field, so you know it’s a great class to take.  

2. Dance Class

Whether you take tap dancing, Zumba, or hip hop, dance classes are a great extracurricular activity to improve your overall performance.  Dancing helps build endurance, improve your muscle control, and gives you extra flexibility.  Plus, if you choose a style of partner dancing like ballroom, swing dancing, or salsa, you will learn how to trust and communicate better with your teammates.

3.  Yoga Class

Yoga is a unique physical activity as it doesn’t just train the body but it trains the mind.  Yoga is great for building muscle, increasing flexibility, and improving strength.  Yoga also helps you focus on breathing, stay present in the moment, and train your mind to focus on the task at hand.  All of these things can benefit any athlete.

4.  Weight Training Class

Weight training is essential to building muscle and maintaining a healthy weight.  If you play a sport that focuses more on agility, flexibility, and endurance like gymnastics, cross-country, and it’s a great idea to take a weight training class on the side to build some extra strength.

5.  Playing Tag

Though not really a class, you can fit a game of tag in anytime.  So it’s great supplemental activity if you are too busy to attend a regular class.  Tag helps improve endurance and is a fun way to relax with your friends.

These classes help you take a break from your usual routine and can let you explore your other interests while adding to your physical performance.  The best part about these classes is you can take them because you want to gain discipline and improve yourself, not because you have to take them.  So think about what areas you can improve and check out some fun side classes.