Top Five Reasons To Get Great Grades

Going to school and studying every day is not exactly fun.  So it’s easy to get a little burnt out and let your grades slide.  However, keeping on top of your grades can give you some serious advantages in life and out on the field.  Here are the top five reasons to focus on your studies and get great grades:

1. Increase Your Chances Of Going To A Great University

No matter what your athletic prowess is on the field, if you don’t have the grades to back it up, college recruiters won’t be interested in you.  In fact, good grades can more than double your chances of getting recruited to a great university.  So if you want to get into a great school, make sure you don’t let your grades slip.

2. Qualify For Academic Scholarships

With the rising cost of university, sports scholarships will only go so far.  If you have great grades, you can also apply for academic scholarships.  With a combination of sports and academic scholarships, you won’t have to miss out on a great program because you can’t afford the school.  

3.  Improve Your Athletic Skills

All the things you learn in school from mathematics to history, can help you become a better athlete.  Mathematics and physics will help you understand the mechanics of athletic performance and help you find ways to improve.  History and English will give you the skills to retain information about plays and improves communication with your teammates.  So the more you learn off the field, the better you will perform on the field.

4.  Improve Your Self-Discipline

Great grades are not simply a product of intelligence, even the smartest kids can fail a class.  Instead, great grades are a product of hard work and discipline--two important skills every athlete needs.  Developing the self-discipline to sit down, focus on your studies, and do the work needed to get great grades, will help you master the focus you need to improve your athletic skills and perform on the field.  

5.  Boost Your Confidence

When you do great on an assignment or a test, it feels fantastic!  The sense of accomplishment is a huge boost to your self-esteem.  Self-esteem is important for building your confidence and confidence is vital for great athletic performance.  With the added confidence from academic performance, you’ll be ready to take more risks on the field, problem-solve with your teammates, and know exactly what to do when you are handed the ball.   

Great grades do more than just please your parents and keep you eligible to play on the field.  They can help you get into a good university and improve your skills as an athlete.  So even though there are more fun things in life, pick up the books and see how great grades can improve your life!