5 Exercises To Boost Your Endurance

Building your endurance does not only work to help you run longer, but it can also make you faster. Endurance also helps you reduce your chance of injury and overexertion. The best way to build your endurance is to log more miles when you run, but there are also some other exercises you can add to your routine to build endurance but also keep you interested. Here are the five best exercises to add to your training routine to increase your endurance.

High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is a great option to incorporate into your workout routine. HIIT is a series of short bursts of intense exercise. Though doing short bursts of exercise seems counter intuitive to building endurance, HIIT increases your metabolism and improves the flow of oxygen boosting your endurance and stamina. Plus, with the variety of exercises, you’ll never get bored of HIIT.

Compound Training Exercises

Compound training exercises are exercises that work multiple areas of the body at once. Some common compound training exercises including squats, push-ups, and pull ups. Compound training moves rather than isolated moves are better for building endurance because they stimulate your whole body and work multiple groups at once.

Circuit Training

Circuit training combines strength training and aerobic exercise into one. Circuit training works to challenge your body by working different muscle groups at once while also building strength and increasing circulation. The variety of circuit training workouts helps your body be prepared for any shift in working out, making your body capable of enduring any challenge.

Low Intensity Long-Term Cardio

Low intensity long term cardio exercises like half hour to hour long jogs, swims, or cycling is a great way to build stamina. These exercises help you get long term aerobic exercise without straining your muscles. Over time, low intensity long term cardio preps your body for improved stamina and strengthens your cardiovascular health.

Weight Training

Weight training is an anaerobic exercise so most people overlook the benefits when it comes to building their endurance. However, doing reps of 8-15 with heavy weights to the point of muscle fatigue can trigger your muscle stamina and repair. Incorporating weight training at least twice a week into your routine can help you become a better runner.

So rather than just running daily to build up your endurance, incorporate these five workouts into your routine. They will not only help you increase your stamina but will offer some variety to keep your workout interesting. For more tips on how to be a more effective runner, check out the World Record Camps blog for diet and exercise tips for runners.