How To Help Your Child Balance School And Sports

As parents we want to do everything we can to help our children succeed. We want to give them the opportunity to do all the things they love, but we also understand the pressure and demands that come with over scheduling. If you have a student athlete, these pressures can be really challenging. In order to support your children, while helping them develop good time management skills and manage both their school schedule and their athletic schedule, here are some basic tips to help them succeed.

Set Family Priorities

Every family has unique values and you need to help children set up their priorities to match the values of your family. Start by talking about what is important to everyone in your family. Once you have all your priorities in order, you can start building a schedule that reflects your priorities and offers a proper balance between all their obligations and interests and manage their time appropriately.

Get Organized As A Family

Sit down with your children and work on their calendar together. Help them figure out a good schedule and come up with a routine where they can study, practice, and have down some time to spend with friends and family.. Also, your children are going to rely on you for a lot of support. They may need you to take them to practice or away games, help them find a tutor, or schedule other extracurriculars that can support their talents. So it’s important that you are on the same page when it comes to managing both your calendars.

Look For Signs Of Burnout

Even the most well organized family can still overschedule. It is important that you understand the signs and symptoms of burnout such as forgetfulness, fatigue, and loss of appetite. Children often feel they cannot express these feelings for fear of disappointing us, so they will stay quiet about them. So it is especially important that we stay vigilant and make sure our children are not burning out for an overtaxed schedule. If you notice any of these signs, you need to sit down and prioritize your schedule to add more downtime or cut activities.

You are your child’s greatest support network. In order to help them succeed, it is important that you are active in their lives and help them develop good time management skills. Setting family priorities and building a calendar together can help your children balance school and sports, while also offering the family time that is important for preventing burnout.