College Admission Tip: Use Your Love Of Sports To Create Volunteer Opportunities

College admissions boards look for well-rounded students. They base their acceptance on grades and standardized test scores, extracurricular activities like sports and clubs, and activities that add to the community. If you have good grades and a great sports records, but are still looking for an advantage to get into the university of your dreams, you should consider volunteering. A volunteering great option for student athletes is to find programs where you can use your talent and love of sports to help. Here are three ways to add volunteer experience to your college application while doing something you love.

Volunteer Coaching

Volunteer coaching is a great way to get out and help in your community, while also passing on your passion and knowledge to others. There are tons of volunteer coaching opportunities from working with disadvantaged children to the elderly to the disabled. Volunteer coaching is not only a great way to improve your community and help others, it is a fun way to improve your own talents and do what you love.

Big Brother/Big Sister Programs

The Big Brother/Big Sister program pairs children with older mentors. When you volunteer with Big Brother/Big Sister, they will find you a mentee that shares your passion. You can help them train, teach them ways to balance work and school, and inspire them to pursue their dreams. From attending games together to working out, mentoring a younger athlete through a Big Brother/Big Sister program is a great way to make a difference in someone’s life while sharing an activity you both love.

Special Olympics

There are so many opportunities to volunteer with the Special Olympics. You can act as a coach or a personal trainer, participate in fundraising activities, or organize events. The Special Olympics is a wonderful way to connect with other talented athletes and use your skills and knowledge to help them succeed. Plus, you may will find that these athletes can teach you some great techniques to improve your own athletic abilities.

So when building your college resume, consider choosing a volunteer activity where you can use your athletic talents to make a difference. Not only will it give you an advantage above other applicants, but it will help you improve the lives of others while doing something you love.