5 Time Management Tips For Student Athletes

Balancing work and school can be a struggle if you don’t develop good time management skills. There are several ways to be more effective with your time and move closer to your goals if you take the time to plan out your schedule. Here are five essential tips to help you better manage your time as a student athlete.

1. Determine Your Goals And Priorities

Before deciding how you will spend your time, you need to first decide what to spend your time on. Start by figuring out your goals. Do you plan on attending a great university? Do you want to set a record? Do you want to get an A in math? Figuring out your goals can then help you set your priorities and determine what should be on your schedule.

2. Create A Schedule

Once you know what all you would like to do, look over your calendar and build a schedule. Factor in major events first like exams and papers and big games and competitions. Then from there add your regular daily items like class and practice. Try not to overload your schedule by making sure that you incorporate some downtime so you don’t burn out.

3. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead can take a lot of the pressure off. If you have a big paper or test coming, do a little studying everyday rather than trying to cram it all in at once. Same with any big games or competitions, build up to these events. Planning ahead helps you better distribute your time, gives you more time to relax, and will keep you fully in control of your goals.

4. Reassess Your Schedule

As you move through your schedule, make sure to take the time to constantly reassess your progress. If you have overloaded your schedule cut back, if you find you have more time than expected feel free to add some extra items. Just make sure whenever you are presented with an opportunity, ask yourself “Will this support my goals?” This will help you determine the value of the items on your schedule.

5. Learn To Say No

One of the biggest things that can overload our schedule is trying to meet the needs of everyone in our lives. You don’t need to feel obligated to do things, you can say no if they don’t add value to your life or will create an unnecessary burden. Stick to your priorities and say no when something does not work for you.

These simple tips will help you use your time more effectively. For other ways to balance work and school, check out some of the great tips on our blog at World Record Camps.