How Running Benefits Improves Your Athleticism In Other Sports

There are tons of sports that require great running skills. If you play any of these sports, it is a great idea to consider adding running to your training schedule or even joining track and field during the off season. Here are just some of the ways you can improve your athleticism in other sports when you become a better runner.


Soccer is a very running intensive game. On average soccer players run seven miles every game. Improving your running skills is crucial to becoming a better soccer player because it will give you the endurance to chase the ball up and down the field.


If you are a receiver or a cornerback, you will run an average of 1.25 miles every game. If you play either of these positions, you will improve your game play by incorporating running into your workout routine. Other positions can also benefit from running because it helps build stamina to prevent muscle injury. Football has a high injury risk, so all players can benefit from exercises that reduce injuries.


Basketball is another running intensive sport, though it is usually in sprints and intervals on a short track. The average basketball player runs 2.55 miles per game and may run more if they are a forward. Speed can make all the difference in a basketball play and incorporating running into your workout routine can definitely boost your speed times, making you a better basketball player.


Baseball is not a high intensity sport and on average players only run .03 miles per game. However, speed is essential to being a great baseball player. Whether you are running bases or player outfield, the ability to run at high intensity in short bursts can make all the difference in your gameplay. Adding running to your workout routine can be a huge benefit out on the diamond.


Tennis players average a surprising 3 miles per game considering the short length of the course. Professional tennis players can run up to 5 miles per game. Speed can make a huge difference in your tennis game because if you can beat the ball to its landing destination you have more time to think about your return form. Improving your speed by incorporating running into your workout can make all the difference in your tennis plays.

Even if you don’t intend to be a runner, developing running skills can help you improve in a variety of other sports. So consider joining track and field or attending a running-focused summer camp like World Record Camps to improve your athleticism in other sports.