Can You Workout And Study At The Same Time?

If you are a student athlete you are always on the lookout for tips to save you time while also working toward your goals. One thing to consider is to combine some of your activities for a more efficient use of your time. So can you combine the two most important activities in your schedule: Studying and working out? Surprisingly you can if you are smart about it.

The Benefits Of Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic learning is a style of learning that incorporates movement and activities to help students learn. Not everyone is a kinesthetic learner, however some people can really benefit from working out while they study because it helps them retain information. If you learn by doing, you are most likely a kinesthetic learner and may find surprising benefits from working out while studying. If you aren’t a kinesthetic learner, you can still benefit from kinesthetic learning because exercise improves brain power.

Start With Desk Exercises

Desk exercises are simple things you can incorporate into your study routine. They offer the opportunity to stretch your muscles, build strength, and keep you focused on the task at hand. Desk exercises will also lower your study fatigue by breaking up your routine and getting your blood flowing while you sit in front of a computer or books for long periods of time.

Incorporate Audio Learning

Most of us already listen to music while we work out. So consider switching out your favorite tunes for podcasts or lectures on the subject matter you need to study. Ask you teachers for their favorite audio resources, so that when you hit the track or the gym, you can also use this time to learn. Audio learning is especially great when doing longer aerobic exercises like running because it gives your mind something to focus on while working toward your goal.

Studying while working out can offer some great benefits. However, it isn’t the answer to all your scheduling needs. You will still need to incorporate times when you dedicate yourself fully to one or the other activity. However, adding a little workout to your study time or adding a little study to your workout can be an effective time management strategy. For other time management tips for student athletes, check out our blog at World Record Champs. We offer tons of great tips and tricks to help you balance sports and school.