Four Fast Warm Up Exercises

Before you get out onto the field, you want to loosen up and get your blood pumping to activate your muscles and nervous system. Warming up will help you run faster, jump higher, and perform better. It is also important because warming up prevents the risk of injury during practice or a meet. Here are four fast warm-up exercises you can incorporate into your training routine to get you on the field fast:

1.    Dynamic Movements  

Dynamic movement focus on loosening the joints and improving your range of motion. Using dynamic movement as for your warm-up exercises helps activate the muscles without overstretching them. The best part about dynamic movement exercises is there is a whole variety of them, so you won’t get bored. Some popular dynamic exercises include squats, lunges, leg swings, and arm circles.

2.    Yoga

Yoga stretches are perfect for warming up because they warm up the muscles without overexerting them, while also enhances your flexibility. The best part about using yoga as a warm up exercise is that because of the breathing exercises, it also helps calm your mind, so you can focus on the big game. Some great yoga stretches to include are downward-facing dog, warrior pose, and crescent moon.

3.    Jump Rope

Jumping rope is great if you are short on time. Jumping rope at a mild rate will warm your body up and get your blood flowing. Plus, jumping rope also improve agility, hand-eye coordination, and builds stamina, so it’s a great exercise for any athlete. If you plan on jumping rope as a warm up, simply start by jumping for five minutes before you begin training.

4.    Light Jog

If you are going to be doing a lot of running during your training, the best warm up exercise is going for a light jog. It’s also a good time to plug in your headphones and listen to your favorite inspirational song to get you pumped for your training. A quick, easy paced jog for 5-10 minutes will get your body prepared to run harder and faster than any other warm up exercise.

These quick exercises will make sure that your body is warmed up so you can perform better with less risk of injury. However, unlike other warm up routines, they won’t take as long so you’ll have more time that you can use to focus on your training and your studies. So try these exercises next time you get on the field!