The Four Types Of Runs And Their Benefits

Running has some amazing benefits. It can make you healthier, happier, and even a better student. So it is a great idea to include running in your training routine. However, did you know that there is more than one way to run and that depending on how you run there are different health benefits? Here are the four types of running exercises and they ways they can benefit you.

Base Run

A base run is probably what you are already doing when you go for a run. A base run is a run at your natural speed and distance. Base running is a great aerobic exercise that has amazing benefits that accumulate over time. It can improve your endurance, stamina, and release endorphins to make you happy.

Speed Running

Speed running is where you run at a constantly high pace for a short time, otherwise known as sprinting. Speed running is the most demanding of the different running workouts and is usually only incorporated when you are training for a major goal. It is great for cardiovascular health and building muscle but has a longer recovery time than other types of running.

Interval Running

Interval running is where you break your run up into intervals of very fast runs followed by slow runs or break periods. Interval running challenges your body and is the best way to build your endurance and meet any weight loss or muscle building goals. Plus, interval training is the best way to get in a run when you don’t have much time because you can accomplish the same fitness goals in a shorter training period. Interval running can also be done in progression where you start slow and then continually increase your pace at intervals until you reach your top speed.

Slow Running

Slow running is when you run or jog at a slow, leisurely pace but for a very long distance or time period. Slow runs are the best running workout for burning fat and building endurance. Also, slow runs will help you perfect your form because you have time to really think about how your body is moving.

Each of these types of running has a different benefit. Therefore, they all can be incorporated into any training routine depending on your goals. So the next time you hit the track or go for a quick run around your neighborhood, consider mixing up your run and trying a different kind of running work out.