Six Test Preparation Tips

One big piece of getting into a great university or qualifying for a college scholarship is to score high on your standardized testing. Whether you take the SAT, ACT, LSAT, or other entrance exam, you will need to prepare. Here are six tips on how to prepare to take these crucial exams and get the scores you need:

1.    Find time in your schedule:

Between school, practice, and friends, you are busy. It may seem like a lot to add another thing to your plate. However, if you schedule time early and routinely study for your exams, you won’t have to fit studying in at the last minute which can cause a lot of stress and impact your performance in school and on the field.

2.    Find out what scores you will need:

Every university and scholarship program has different entrance requirements. You need to find out what these requirements are so you can determine how much you will need to study to qualify.

3.    Take a practice test:

There are plenty of practice test in books and online. Take a practice test before you lay out your study plan. That way, you will know what subjects you need to focus on and see how close you are to the score you need. From there you can lay out your study plan.

4.    Get some help:

If you find that you are weak in certain subjects like math or English, you should get a tutor. A tutor can be another student, your teacher, or even a professional. Tutors can help guide you through the material, so you don’t have to figure out what to study on your own.

5.    Schedule your test early:

Schedule your first test early. Then if you do not get the score you need, you can study harder and retake the exam. Plus, if you take the test early, then there won’t be so much pressure on the first test because you can always take it again if needed.

6.    Deal with test anxiety:

If you have test anxiety, get a plan in place to deal with that anxiety. Work on breathing exercises and test taking strategies, so you can focus on the test instead of spending your time worrying.

Preparing for standardized testing can seem like a big challenge. However, just remember that you are smart, capable, and a hard worker. If you prioritize getting great test scores, you will achieve them. So just follow these tips and you’ll be ready to conquer any entrance exam.