Getting Recruited To College

Heading to college is the next step in education for millions of students and student athletes. But while many will focus solely on their studies, plenty more will have to split their time between athletics and education. 

Before you start walking that tightrope, however, you actually have to get there. Understanding how to go about getting recruited to a college is important, and something that most young people have at least some ideas about. But we think it’s important to touch on a few additional points that can help you even more. Here are some things to remember when you’re approaching the time when you need to get picked up by a college. 

•    Colleges recruit based on a number of things, but for athletes the most obvious is their performance. The better your performance on the track, field, or court, the better your odds of getting noticed will be. In short, training on a consistent basis in ways that actually help you develop your skills and abilities is the key step towards getting recruited. 

•    Form strong relationships with coaches and mentors. Your leaders will often help woo recruiters to your games or events, and could help you get the attention needed to attract the eye of colleges you’re interested in.

•    Pay attention to your studies throughout everything, however. Colleges recruit athletes based on athletic performance, yes. But they also have to know that you can maintain your grades throughout college, or you become a serious risk to their investment in time and money. 

•    Don’t just jump at the first offer you’re given – unless it’s one you really love. You should have some time to mull over any recruitment offers, and taking your time could let additional recruiters notice you. That’s not to say that you should drag your heels since some colleges may move on from you, but just pay attention to your options and know that you don’t have to commit on the day you’re given an offer. Talk to coaches, parents, and mentors to get their opinions as well.

Performing at your best is where everything begins, and doing so will help you get the kind of recruitment results you are hoping for. But you also need to look further and find additional steps that can help with the recruitment process. Pay attention to the tips above and you’ll be able to understand more about how a college handles recruiting athletes and how you could be the newest recruit on their roster.