The Three Big Fundamentals To Improved Speed Training

When you’re an athlete focusing on improving your speed, you’ll have plenty of different steps that you need to take in order to thrive and to improve your success. Speed training can involve a lot of different things, but at its core there are three primary things that you need to focus on. These form the fundamental cornerstones of speed training, and will be instrumental in your success at it. Let’s look at them now. 

One – Physical Training

We’ll start with the obvious one. The way that you focus on improving your body will have a big impact on speed training and your success with it. After all, training is what you’re doing to succeed here, and the right workouts matter. It’s important that you focus on numerous aspects of your physical health including:

•    Core strength
•    Overall endurance
•    Cardio
•    Burst speed
•    Flexibility

Each of these things needs to be focused on in order to boost your speed training success and find the results that you’re looking for. 

Two – Diet And Nutrition

It’s no big secret that your diet has an impact on physical fitness and even on athletic performance. But what many don’t realize is that good speed training diets go beyond the carb-heavy plans of the past. Today, it’s understood that carbs are great on the days you’re training or competing hard, but other options are able to help as well. Some things to add to your diet include:

•    Lean protein from fish, chicken, eggs, and nuts
•    Leafy green vegetables like kale or spinach
•    Beetroot
•    Fruits instead of electrolyte drinks like Gatorade

And above all, plenty of water to keep you hydrated and improving your overall muscle strength and flexibility. Pay attention to your diet and you’ll get much better speed training results. 

Three – The Mental Side Of Things

Finally, it is important to hone your mental prowess as well. The right mental approach to speed training can help you maintain confidence, help you plow through tough spots and reach your goals, and more. In short, paying attention o your mentality is a must. Things like yoga, meditation, and even simple downtime for rest and relaxation are all instrumental in mentally improving your game. 

If you’ll keep these three fundamentals in mind when starting your speed training regimen, you should be able to reach the goals you set for yourself and achieve much more than you would just going through a basic training program. Each point interacts with the other to create a foundation for success.