Top Tips To Increase Sprint Times

Running faster is something that plenty of athletes strive to accomplish, and improving your times in the sprint is a key element for success in a number of sports. But just how can you go about doing so? The easy answer is simply ‘train more’, but it goes deeper than that for most of us. 

If you’re a young athlete working to improve your sprint times, it makes sense to look at many of the best tips out there to improve your speeds. With that in mind, here are some of the key things to focus on. 

•    Interval Training – This is a key part of the lives of many busy student athletes. Alternating high and low intensities while working out can help you build speed in less time, and is a major option for many who are trying to improve times while speeding things up. 

•    Stretch – Stretching is something that obviously needs to be done, and while plenty of debate still exists on whether or not to stretch before or after your workout. No matter what, however, daily stretching can help increase flexibility and get you better strides. 

•    Form – You want to nail good form every time you run. Work on proper running technique, with the right posture and the ride stride in order to improve speed. 

•    Footwear – Think about today’s lighter sneakers if you want to run. Minimalist shoes have less weight, which can mean better sprint times for many. 

•    Inclines – Head to the hills if you want to work on stronger form and better speed, too. Hill repeats can be run just one time per week, but can deliver big results in the process. 

•    Diet – Be sure to consider your diet, too. Everyone is familiar with carb loading, but adding large amounts of leafy green veggies and fruits to your diet can have a big impact on speed performance as well. 

•    Rest – Well rested athletes end up with faster sprint times, better reaction speeds, and more. Be sure that you give yourself the rest you need each day.

Pay attention to these simple tips and you could increase your sprint times in a big way and nail a personal best in the process.