The Top 3 Reasons To Choose Track & Field As Your High School Sport

The Top 3 Reasons To Choose Track & Field As Your High School Sport

Sacrifice, determination, and never giving up are all ways of describing today’s student athletes. They train, do homework, deal with the daily rigors of being a teenager, and do it all over again. Football, baseball, and basketball players often take center stage in high school, but Track & Field athletes often gain valuable techniques that are not available to students of the other sports.

The Top 3 Reasons

1.    More Playing Time

Many of the other sports have a limited number of available spots. There are many student-athletes vying for that valuable playing time. Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough time to go around. Often, players are left sitting on the bench, only contributing sparingly. Track & Field has a variety of different events available from shot put to long-distance running. Plenty of events allow students to receive optimal playing time, and they will enjoy their high school sporting experience more.

2.    Compete With Students From A Number Of Different Programs

Many of the high school sports available rely heavily on district games. Therefore, students are restricted to competing with a limited amount of competition. By picking Track & Field as your sport of choice, you ensure that you will compete against the best that your state has to offer. The abilities of NCAA athletes are freakishly good, and competing against the best in high school prepares you for the road ahead.

3.    Improve Multiple Skill-Sets

Student athletes of some sports play one position, therefore, their training revolves around the skill-set for that position. Track & Field athletes have the ability to train for an event of their choosing, and they can also train for a variety of other events. This allows them to become more in tune with their different skill-sets, resulting in improvement all around.

More playing time, competing against the best, and improving multiple skill sets are the top reasons you should choose Track & Field. It can lead to college scholarships and it leaves a lasting impression on their lives.