Youths Can Achieve Good Running Form With These Tips

Youths Can Achieve Good Running Form With These Tips

Good running form allows youths to achieve optimal results when racing. Yes, they have been running for the majority of their lives, and they have their own unique technique. However, form plays an important role in a runner being successful, and care should be taken to ensure that good running form is used. These tips are designed to help youths that are just starting out in organized sports.

Tips To Help You Achieve Good Running Form

As you get tired, your arms begin to act differently. They become tight to your body and begin to resemble a chicken wing. Your arms provide momentum to your entire body as you run. When they are kept in tight and barely moving, that momentum diminishes. The shorter swings being created by your arms result in a smaller running stride. The more strides that you have to take, the more energy your body uses. You should pay careful attention to your arm positioning. Keeping them swinging straight in front of you, helps keep your running form good. They should also remain at approximately a 90-degree angle and your fists should not be cliched.

Be aware of your shoulder posture. Shoulders help keep the body relaxed while running. If they are kept high and tight, tension is building. Loose and low shoulders provide your body with the best running form. The more tired that you become, the more likely tension is going to build up in your shoulders. Being aware of this aspect of running will help you make corrections to your form, should the need arise.

Improving your stride can also improve your form. As stated above, a shorter stride results in you using more energy. As your energy levels deplete, your form suffers, and results of your race will not be the ones that you want. To improve your stride, march in place with high knees. Continue doing this for a few minutes, then gradually work into jogging in place with high knees. Once you get into a good rhythm, move forward in the same motions for about 30 yards. Good things do not happen overnight, but through practice and hard work, your running form will improve.