Which High School Sport Is Right For You

Which High School Sport Is Right For You

High school sports provide student-athletes with a variety of benefits. They promote teamwork, a sense of belonging, discipline, and leadership, which are all important to you because they carry over into other aspects of your life as well. There are pros and cons to each sport, just like anything else in this world, but hopefully, this article will help you decide which high school sport is right for you.

Common High School Sports Available

Track & Field- There are a variety of different events available to student-athletes in track & field. There are the obvious events, such as the 100 and 200 m dashes, but if running is not your strongest characteristic, other events are available as well. The long jump, triple jump, and pole vault all require unique skill sets. Shot put and discus events can test your strength and form training, while long distance events can test your endurance. Unlike other sports, there are more opportunities for student-athletes to play in this sport.

Basketball- This sport provides you with the opportunity to learn to be a team player. Hand-eye coordination is tested, as well as endurance and stamina when playing basketball. Play recognition, shooting, passing, and mental skills can all be sharpened through practicing and playing basketball. In basketball, there are only 5 starters on the court for each team at a time. There are also only a limited amount of touches to go around, so playing time may be limited.

Football- 11 starters are on the field for each team, at all times, during the game. You have better chances of seeing playing time, than in basketball, but you should also take into account that football is a full contact sport. There is constant hitting, blocking, tackling, and running. If you do not enjoy physicality, football may not be the right choice for you. Teamwork, hand-eye coordination, and high levels of competition are all benefits of choosing football as your high school sport.

Volleyball- This is another team sport that will test your hand-eye coordination, the ability to work as a team player, and your physical skills. Serving, spiking, blocking, and volleying are skills you will learn from choosing volleyball as your high school sport of choice. There are 6 players on the court for each team, so playing time may also be limited if this sport is chosen.