Surprising Ways To Help Yourself Run Faster

When you’re an athlete working on speed training and improving your ability to run faster, there are a lot of different variables that can come into play. While most are well aware of the fact that things like training harder or eating carb heavy pastas can help you gain some speed gains, there are a lot of different things that are worth considering that could help you run faster – and that may surprise you.

These overlooked tips aren’t as well known simply because most focus on repetitive training regimens and little else when it comes to running faster. But off the track, there’s a lot that you can do to help yourself. Here are some of the big things to consider. 

•    Think about eating leafy greens, lean proteins, and extra fruit. While carbs can help you the day before or the day of a big run, these foods will make it easier to get longer-term benefits from your training. 

•    Also look into yoga. It sounds strange, but the reality is that yoga helps strengthen the mind/body connection and also allows you to build your core strength in a dramatic way. This core strength helps you in the process of speed training. 

•    Additional training options like dance, weight training, and even ballet can all play a role in improving flexibility and muscle tone – and help work muscles that your body doesn’t always work while training your basic speed training exercise. In other words, they can help you run faster. 

•    Consider training outside your immediate circle – look at local training camps or coaches willing to work with you periodically to see if they can offer new approaches to your regimen. 

•    Learn to meditate and strengthen your mind as well as body, especially when working on improving your long distance running. The mental game is very real in the world of running, and being able to improve your mental toughness will help you reach better gains when trying to run faster.

If you’re working on learning how to run faster, you owe it to yourself to take the different approaches needed to make the best progress possible. The steps above are all worth thinking about, and could have a dramatic impact in your performance. Add them to your regimen, and you could experience much better results on the track.